VAT Service Invoice Form

VAT Service Invoice Form for Windows

Free VAT invoice template/VAT billing format

Free VAT invoice template/VAT billing format

This free VAT service invoice template is in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. The template offers an intuitive blank commercial invoice form that is printable and highly customizable. The VAT invoice form includes required fields for service providers to present the invoice to their customers and to get paid promptly.


1. It is free. 2. This invoice template is service-oriented, meaning it has no "Shipping To" fields. 3. It is formatted with UK-style currency symbols, but can be easily changed to other currency symbol using Excel formatting tools.

United Kingdom (UK)-based small service business owner or freelancer. If you are outside the UK it is can be changed to use your currency symbol easily.

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VAT Service Invoice Form


VAT Service Invoice Form 1.1

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